Military Institution "Morovic"

Karađorđevo is located in the southwestern part of Bačka, 50 kilometers from Novi Sad. "Karađorđevo" was founded in 1885 as a state property of Austro-Hungarian Empire, and horse farm within the famous Hungarian stable "Mezchegues". Due to the presence of rare plants and animal species, one part of Karađorđevo is protected as a Special nature reservation.

 Thanks to the lush forests of oak, acacia and willow, which contain many large and small wild game with high trophy value, hunting ground "Karađorđevo" attracts many hunters from the country and abroad. The most prevalent types of hunting animals include deer, wild boar, roe deer, wild goose, wild duck and others. Hunting Ground "Karađorđevo" provides an opportunity for hunting, specific for each type of wild game, and for this purpose are available hunter’s carriages, sleds, boats, ATVs (all terrain vehicles) and other equipment. 



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